A Wedding at The Savoy in Black and White | Rachael + Brian

Wedding at The Savoy London-29

When Rachael contacted me to ask if I would photograph her Wedding at The Savoy I was delighted. She told me her wedding to Brian would be an intimate affair and their reasons for holding their wedding at The Savoy were many. They had enjoyed many times together there, they loved the history attached to it, including the Winston Churchill connection and when they had a decision to make there was only one choice, The Savoy.

Their wedding ceremony was held in The Gondoliers room, a beautiful room decorated with maps and painted murals. Following a champagne reception we moved on to The Pinafore room for the wedding breakfast. This room was used by Winston Churchill when he founded The Other Club in 1911, a political dining society. He also dined there with his cabinet during the war years and there are photographs, a painting and a bust of him along with photographs of many past British Prime Ministers along the walls. You know you are someplace special when you walk into this room.

I met Brian in The Coal Hole where he and some of his guests were gathering and where he had “a quick half” to steady his nerves before going next door to The Savoy, he told me he wasn’t nervous, but I caught him checking his watch on more than one occasion. Rachael arrived in The Savoy’s Rolls Royce and made her way to meet Brian and to exchange their vows in front of their family and friends.

Following their wedding Rachael and Brian left for an hotel near Heathrow where they spent the night before heading off on their honeymoon the next day.

I’ve edited this wedding in Black and White as I believe black and white photographs are timeless, just like The Savoy.

Wedding at The Savoy London-8Wedding at The Savoy London-16Wedding at The Savoy London-14Weddings at the Savoy The Savoy Rolls RoyceWedding at The Savoy London-18Wedding at The Savoy London-19Wedding at The Savoy London-20Wedding at The Savoy London-22 The Savoy LondonWedding at The Savoy London-24Wedding at The Savoy London-26Wedding at The Savoy London-27Wedding at The Savoy London-28Wedding at The Savoy London-29Wedding at The Savoy London-30Wedding at The Savoy London-42Wedding at The Savoy London-32Wedding at The Savoy London-33Wedding at The Savoy London-34Wedding at The Savoy London-35Wedding at The Savoy London-43Wedding at The Savoy London-37Wedding at The Savoy London-39Wedding at The Savoy London-40Wedding at The Savoy London-44Wedding at The Savoy London-45Wedding at The Savoy London-46Wedding at The Savoy London-47Wedding at The Savoy London-48Wedding at The Savoy London-49Wedding at The Savoy London-50Wedding at The Savoy London-52Wedding at The Savoy London-53Wedding at The Savoy London-54Wedding at The Savoy London-55Wedding at The Savoy London-56Wedding at The Savoy London-59Wedding at The Savoy London-60Wedding at The Savoy London-5Wedding at The Savoy London-62Wedding at The Savoy London-64

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The Savoy Wedding Photography – Copyright Tony Cullinane 2015

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