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My work as a wedding photographer takes me all over the South of England but not all of my photography is of weddings.  I love to travel with my wife Val and to take photographs of the people and locations we visit, this is a small selection of photos I have taken on our travels.

These photographs were taken during two separate trips to South East Asia, the first to Vietnam and the second was to Cambodia, the people live such a simple but a very rewarding life in these countries, something that we may have lost in the Western world, I hope you enjoy them.


Moving on from South East Asia we decided to visit the state of Kerala in South Western India, this is a selection of some of the photos I took as we travelled around the state over a period of three weeks. We met lots of interesting people and would love to go back and travel around another part of this vast country.

Having already visited Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia we decided to take a trip to Laos. The Lao people are so nice and even if the language was a problem they were very friendly to us. I would recommend a visit to this wonderful country.

I think it’s time to head off to someplace interesting again, we need to get the World map out and start planning!


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