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A beautiful sunny July day was the perfect setting for Christina and Mike’s wedding at Mulberry House in Ongar, Essex. As a Mulberry House Wedding photographer I enjoy working in such an amazing venue with so much history attached to it. Mulberry House was built in 1767 as a home for the local squire, Edward Earle, and now it is a beautiful wedding venue with 22 acres of landscaped grounds.

I’d met with Christina and Mike over a year before when they booked me as their wedding photographer, they had already most of their day planned at that stage and it’s true to say forward planning is the way to go, as the day went very smoothly even down to Christina walking down the aisle with her dad 2 minutes and 20 seconds into her selected wedding song, now that took a bit of planning!

The staff at Mulberry House work so hard to ensure that the Bride and Groom have a day they will remember forever. During the wedding breakfast the guests were surprised when the waiters suddenly burst into song, followed by a very lively performance enjoyed by all.

Overall Christina, Mike and their family and friends had a fantastic wedding day at Mulberry House, I’m sure they went away with lots of happy memories.

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If you’re planning a Mulberry House Wedding and you like a natural style of wedding photography, please get in touch with me to find out whether I’m available for your date, or to request information on prices.

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