Le Talbooth Wedding | Victoria + Alex

Bride and groom in wedding car

When I met with Victoria and Alex at a pub in Islington to discuss their wedding plans at Le Talbooth restaurant in Dedham they told me that as Victoria was from Norway there would be some Norwegian traditions to be followed. One of these is called “secret kisses”, and what happens is that when the groom leaves the table for a few minutes all the men join a queue to kiss the bride who has been left alone, the opposite happens when the bride leaves the table.  They also told me they had miniature bottles of Akevitt, which is a Norwegian clear spirit and they would be inviting their guests to toast them during their wedding breakfast with the bottles that they would place on all of the tables.

Following Victoria’s bridal preparation at Milsoms we departed for St Mary’s Old Church at West Bergholt, an Anglican church which has part of it’s building dating from about 1,000. As it is has been redundant since 1975 Victoria and Alex had to get a special licence in order to get married there.

On arrival the Vicar informed me that no photographs would be allowed inside the church, this was a huge shock as Victoria and Alex had gone to a lot of trouble getting a licence to be married in a church that meant so much to them. Eventually the Vicar said I was allowed to take four photographs from the back of the gallery. I thanked her and look out the longest lens I had in my camera bag, luckily maths is not my strongest point so Victoria and Alex got more than the four photographs that the Vicar had sanctioned!

The wedding guests were transported from the church to Le Talbooth for the reception in a red London bus, while the newly married couple were whisked away in a friend’s Bentley to a nearby jetty for a trip back via the river Stour, whilst sipping champagne.

The wedding breakfast was very enjoyable to photograph especially seeing the reaction of some of the non Norwegian guests when the Akevitt toast took place, let’s just say it is an acquired taste, but everyone had a great time and the dancing continued long into the night at Le Talbooth.

Congratulations to Victoria and Alex, you really did pull off a great Anglo Norwegian wedding celebration!


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Bride and groom in wedding car


wedding-photographer-essex-39wedding-photographer-essex-40wedding-photographer-essex-41Arriving at Le Talbooth by boatwedding-photographer-essex-87wedding-photographer-essex-88wedding-photographer-essex-89wedding-photographer-essex-46wedding-photographer-essex-47wedding-photographer-essex-48wedding-photographer-essex-49wedding-photographer-essex-50wedding-photographer-essex-51wedding-photographer-essex-52wedding-photographer-essex-53wedding-photographer-essex-90wedding-photographer-essex-91wedding-photographer-essex-92wedding-photographer-essex-57wedding-photographer-essex-58Norwegian flagLe Talbooth wedding photographerwedding-photographer-essex-61wedding-photographer-essex-96wedding-photographer-essex-63wedding-photographer-essex-64wedding-photographer-essex-65wedding-photographer-essex-66wedding-photographer-essex-67wedding-photographer-essex-68Wedding guest in Le Talboothwedding-photographer-essex-70wedding-photographer-essex-71wedding-photographer-essex-72wedding-photographer-essex-73wedding-photographer-essex-74wedding-photographer-essex-75wedding-photographer-essex-76wedding-photographer-essex-77wedding-photographer-essex-78wedding-photographer-essex-80wedding-photographer-essex-81wedding-photographer-essex-82





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Le Talbooth restaurant, Dedham, Essex.

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